Roman Catholicism

The Roman Emperor Constantine established himself as the head of the church around 313 A.D., which made this new "Christianity" the official religion of the Roman Empire. The first actual Pope in Rome was probably Leo I (440-461 A.D.), although some claim that Gregory I was the first (590-604 A.D.). Click         for a refutation on the lie catholics will say about the so-called "33,000 protestant denominations" fable.


Catholicism teaches many things that are contrary to the Word of God.


The Catholic Council of Trent declares that: "It is lawful to have images in the church and to give honour and worship to them. ... Images are put in churches that they may be worshipped." 
The Oxford dictionary defines an idol as: "An image used as an object of worship. A person or thing that is the object of excessive devotion." An Idolater is a devoted admirer of idols. 

What does the Bible say about images and idols? 

1. Exodus 20:4, 5. 

 a) Thou shalt not MAKE unto thee ANY graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 
 b) Thou shalt not BOW DOWN thyself to them. 
 c) Nor SERVE them. If you make any graven image you’ve broken this commandment, whether you worship it or not. 

 Question 1: Do Catholics MAKE graven images? Yes. 
 Question 2: Do Catholics KNEEL down to statues of Mary or Jesus? Yes. 
 Question 3: Do Catholics SERVE Mary? Yes, as in "Legion of Mary." 


2. Leviticus 26:1. 

 a) "You shall make you NO IDOLS nor GRAVEN IMAGE. 
 b) Neither rear you up a STANDING IMAGE. 
 c) Neither shall ye set up any IMAGE OF STONE in your land to bow down unto it." 

Question 4: Do Catholics rear up STANDING IMAGES? Yes. 
Question 5: Do Catholics set up any IMAGE OF STONE? Yes. 


3. Deuteronomy 4:16.  "Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and MAKE you a GRAVEN IMAGE, the similitude of ANY FIGURE, the likeness of MALE or FEMALE." 

Question 6: Do Catholics make graven images of MALE or FEMALE? Yes. 
Mary is a female. Jesus and the apostles are males.


4. Deuteronomy 16:22. "Neither shalt thou SET thee UP ANY IMAGE: which the Lord thy God HATES." 

Question 7: Do Catholics SET UP ANY IMAGES? Yes. 
Question 8: Does God HATE IMAGES? Yes.


5. 1 Thessalonians 1:9.  "How ye turned to God FROM IDOLS to serve the living and true God." 


Question 9: Did the early Christians turn FROM IDOLS? Yes. 


6. Deuteronomy 27:15.  "CURSED be the man that MAKES ANY GRAVEN or MOLTEN IMAGE, an abomination unto the Lord, the work of the hands of the craftsman, and putteth it in a secret place." 


Question 10: Does God put a curse on any person that makes any image? Yes. 


Question 11: Why does God call an image an ABOMINATION? Because He hates it. 

Popes Claim To Be God

Pope Nicholas assumed the title of God. His words are:—‘I am all in all and above all, so that God Himself, and I, the Vicar of God, hath both one consistory, and I am able to do almost all that God can do . . . Wherefore, if those things that I do be said not to be done of man, but of God. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE ME BUT GOD? Again, if prelates of the Church be called and counted of Constantine for gods, I then, being above all prelates, seem by this reason to be ABOVE ALL GODS. Wherefore, no marvel if it be in my power to dispense with all things, yea, with the precepts of Christ.’ See Decret. Par Distinct 96 Ch. 7 Edit Lugd. 1661.


Father A. Pereira says: "It is quite certain that Popes have never approved or rejected this title 'Lord God the Pope,' for the passage in the gloss referred to appears in the edition of the Canon Law published in Rome in 1580 by Gregory XIII."


Writers on the Canon Law say, "The Pope and God are the same, so he has all power in heaven and earth." Barclay Cap. XXVII, p. 218. Cities Petrus Bertrandus, Pius V. - Cardinal Cusa supports his statement.


"For thou art the shepherd, thou art the physician, thou art the director, thou art the husbandman, finally thou art another God on earth." Labbe and Cossart's 'History of the Councils' Vol. XIV, col. 109


"We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty". Pope Leo XIII Encyclical Letter of June 20, 1894


"The pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not a mere man (...) he is as it were God on earth, sole sovereign of the faithful of Christ, chief of kings, having plenitude of power." -Lucius Ferraris, «Prompta Bibliotheca», 1763, Volume VI, 'Papa II', pp.25-29


Pope Pius X : "The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but He is Jesus Christ Himself, hidden under the veil of the flesh. Does the Pope speak? It is Jesus Christ that speaks. Does the Pope accord a favor or pronounce an anathema? It is Jesus Christ who pronounces the anathema Or accords the favor." (Protestant Alliance Magazine, March, 1922).


FAMOUS BENEDICTINE CANONIST: "The pope can do all things God can do." - Nicolaus de Tudeschis [1386-1445], "Commentaria" (lvi, 34)


So, are these Popes wrong in saying they are basically God on Earth? This is a statement on faith and morals, is it not? How is this reconcilable?