Calvinism's 5 Points... REFUTED!

by David J. Stewart

John Calvin was a total heretic (1509-1564). All of John Calvin's religious tenets are FALSE! These are commonly referred to today as the “5 points of Calvinism”; but they ought to be called “the 5 points of doctrines of devils.” Jesus told us to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES in John 5:39. It is tragic that millions of men and women today would rather search the minds of corrupt and misguided men; rather than SEARCH the inspired and incorruptible Word of God.

NONE of Calvin's teachings can be legitimized when the Light of God's Word is shone upon his works of darkness. Calvin taught 5 main heresies, which Pastor Curtis Hutson refutes.

Tragically, millions of misguided religious people today are following a modernist John Calvin—whose name is John MacArthur ofGRACE TO YOU ministry. In the Afterward written by John MacArthur for the unscriptural book, THE FIVE POINTS OF CALVINISM: DEFINED, DEFENDED AND DOCUMENTED, MacArthur openly states that he wholeheartedly agrees with the doctrines of John Calvin...

I am thankful for this timely revision of wonderful classic that has already been an immense blessing to countless thousands.

Notwithstanding its success over the years, the only question that ultimately matters about the "five points of Calvinism" is whether

doctrines are biblical. This book has demonstrated (conclusively, in my judgment) that the "five points" are nothing more or less than

what the Bible teaches. The doctrines of grace and divine sovereignty are the very lifeblood of the full and free salvation promised in

the gospel.

Today Calvinism is being subjected to constant attack. Several recent, popular, published critiques have tried to discredit John Calvin

the man, or they have unfairly blamed Calvinism for the dubious politics of the Reformation era. But the doctrines of Calvinistic

soteriology must stand or fall by the test of Scripture, period.


Scripture speaks with absolute, unmistakable clarity on these vital issues: (1) Sinners are utterly helpless to redeem themselves or to

contribute anything meritorious toward their own salvation (Rom 8:7-8). (2) God is sovereign in the exercise of His saving

Will (Eph 1:4-5). (3) Christ died as a substitute who bore the full weight of God's wrath on behalf of His people, and his atoning

work is efficacious for their salvation (Isa. 53:5). (4) God's saving purpose cannot be thwarted (John 6:37), meaning none of

Christ's true sheep will ever be lost (John 10:27-29). That is because (5) God assures the perseverance of His elect

(Jude 24; Phil 1:6; 1 Peter 1:5).

Those are the five points of Calvinism. I believe them not because of their historical pedigree, but because that is what

Scripture teaches. ~John F. MacArthur Jr.


SOURCE: John F. MacArthur Jr.; quoted from, The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended and Documented; 2nd Edition: David Steele, Curtis Thomas, and Lance Quinn.


John MacArthur is the most prevalent teacher of the heresies of Calvinism today. Should it be surprising that Dr. MacArthur teaches Lordship Salvation? (i.e., the lie that a sinner must cease from committing sins and surrender one's life to Christ in order to be saved). MacArthur states in his book, HARD TO BELIEVE, pg. 93:

“The life we live, not the words we speak, determines our eternal destiny”


SOURCE: Dr. John MacArthur, HARD TO BELIEVE, pg. 93.


John MacArthur is very wrong in his teachings. All 5 points of Calvinism are a lie of the Devil. Woe unto those who are deceived by the heresies of John Calvin and John MacArthur! 

Calvinism is the “Doctrines of Devils”


Let's examine each of the 5 points of Calvinism and shine the Light of God's holy Word upon them. Let's “try” (test) the spirits as 1st John 4:1 tells us to do...

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1st John 4:1).

The Bible speaks of “doctrines of devils”...

1st Timothy 4:1, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.”

Any doctrine that contradicts the plain teachings of the Word of God is a doctrine (teaching) of devils. All of Calvinism's 5 points are demonic doctrines. An acronym that is commonly used to remember the 5 points of Calvinism is TULIP...

  1. T = TOTAL DEPRAVITY OF MEN (Calvin taught that men are totally depraved, which is Biblical is the sense that all men are vile sinners, Romans 3:10,19-23. However, Calvin meant much more, teaching that men cannot come to God of their own free will for salvation. That is totally unscriptural. The Bible is abundantly clear that “WHOSOEVER” may come to Christ for salvation, Romans 10:13; Revelation 22:17. John MacArthur doesn't properly explain Calvin's teachings and whitewashes Calvin's evil doctrines).

  2. U = UNCONDITIONAL ELECTION (Calvin taught that God chooses who gets saved, and that person has no choice in the matter. This is ridiculous. The Bible again teaches the free will of man. Acts 17:30 commands ALL men everywhere to repent. Why would the Bible command “ALL MEN” to repent if God only chooses some to be saved?

  3. L = LIMITED ATONEMENT (Calvin taught that Jesus only died for those who would be saved. This is damnable heresy not taught in the Bible. repeatedly we are told that God loved “THE WORLD,” and that Christ died “FOR ALL MEN.” 2nd Peter 2:1 tells us that Jesus died for false prophets, “even denying the Lord that bought them”).

  4. I = IRRESISTIBLE GRACE (Calvin taught that if God chooses a person to be saved, then God forces Himself upon that person, doing what it takes to make them comply with His will. Again, this violates the free will of humanity which God has given to each individual. Salvation is offered, not shoved down anyone's throat. If you want to reject God's gift of eternal life, as many do, then God will let you go to the Lake of Fire for ever. It is your choice alone to make! 2nd Thessalonians 1:8-9 pronounces judgment on them who disobey the gospel, i.e., reject the good news of Christ crucified, buried, and risen. If you trust upon Jesus Christ to forgive your sins—believing that He went to the cross for you to pay for your sins, was buried, and has risen, then you are saved). Eternal life is a free gift which is received, not achieved. It's not what were doing that gets us to heaven; it's where were looking... LOOK TO JESUS!

  5. P = PERSEVERANCE OF THE SAINTS (Calvin unscripturally taught that those who are saved will persevere in holy living until the end. The Bible teaches the preservation of the saints; not the perseverance of the saints. Salvation is of the Lord, not man. Man has no part if God's salvation. We are saved by the imputed righteousness of Christ, 2nd Corinthians 5:21; Romans 4:5-6. Charismatics and Lordship Salvationists have adopted Calvin's heresy on perseverance, teaching that salvation can either be lost by committing sin; or else that a person cannot be saved unless they are willing to stop committing sin. Calvin's teachings, all of them, negate the free gift of God).

Much more could be said in defense of the Scriptures, I have just shared a handful of powerful Scriptures with you. God NEVER chooses anyone for salvation, Scriptures such as Acts 17:30 make this abundantly clear (“...but now commandeth all men every where to repent”). Why would God command ALL men to repent if only certain men have been chosen for salvation? There really is NO debate concerning Arminianism, Calvinism, and Hyper-Calvinism if you simply take the Word of God at face value... they're all messed up! 

The Bible is so clear on all these matters. There are problems with all three views. Arminianism is wrong to teach that a person can lose salvation. Romans 5:15 declares that eternal life is a “FREE GIFT.” A gift CANNOT be taken back if it is freely given. Salvation is God's gift to man, paid for by the blood of Jesus (Romans 6:23; Colossians 1:14). Calvinism and Hyper-Calvinism teach “limited atonement” and “selective salvation,” which are both Satanic lies. 1st John 2:2 couldn't be any clearer, “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.” Calvinism is unbiblical heresy!